Surprising news has come out from St. Stephen's college of delhi University. students are being prevented from appearing in the examination if they are not present in the Morning Prayer. According to the information, bible chapters and verses are taught in the Morning Prayer assembly, after which Jesus songs are sung. A controversial notice has been sent by john Varghese, Principal of St. Stephen's college, delhi University. In this, students with low attendance in Morning Prayer have been suspended.

Principal john Varghese has issued a notice asking students not to appear for Semester 2 exams. At the same time, parents of more than 100 students have been called to Delhi. Around 130 students of St. Stephen's college have been suspended from the college and threatened to be barred from appearing for examinations. There is no such rule in the rules of delhi university under which students can be prevented from appearing in the examinations because they did not attend morning prayers. Morning assembly is a convention exclusive to St. Stephen's college and is not recognized by the university (it is not a requirement for appearing in examinations).

Why are the principles wrong from the perspective of the Constitution?

• Making assembly attendance mandatory may violate the fundamental rights of students under Articles 25 and 28(3) of the Constitution. Therefore it is illegal.

• St. Stephen's college assemblies always include religious prayers and recitation of religious scriptures. In such a situation, according to Article 28(3) of the Constitution, freedom has been given regarding religious education or attendance at religious worship in some educational institutions.

• No person attending any educational institution recognized by the State or receiving aid from State funds shall be prohibited from attending any religious instruction given in such institution or participating in any religious worship in such institution or there will be no need to take.

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