cm arvind kejriwal has given a statement on seat sharing with congress in Delhi. He said that several rounds of talks have taken place. The talks have reached the final stage. It will be announced very soon. cm kejriwal said this while talking to the media on the supreme Court's decision on chandigarh Mayor elections. Regarding the india alliance, he said that if we unite then bjp can be defeated. We have shown this in the chandigarh Mayor elections.

Targeted at BJP

Targeting bjp, cm kejriwal alleged that they do not win elections but steal. He also targeted BJP's claim of winning 370 seats in the Lok Sabha. He asked where is so much confidence coming from? This means that something is wrong somewhere. cm further alleged that earlier they (BJP) used to make irregularities in the voter list, now allegations are being made regarding EVMs also.

There is going to be a big election in the country – cm Kejriwal

Referring to the supreme Court's decision on chandigarh Mayor election, he said that the people who want to save the country should come with the india Alliance. If we unite in india alliance then bjp can be defeated in the elections. He said that the election of chandigarh Mayor was a small election but bjp made mistakes. Now when such a big election (Lok Sabha elections) is going to be held in the country, how big a theft will they commit?

'Supreme Court's decision is historic'

Regarding chandigarh Mayor elections, cm said that the decision of the supreme court is historic. This decision has come at a time when the country is facing 'dictatorship'. He said, "If the 'India' alliance remains united and works strategically, bjp can be defeated."

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