Senior IAS officer of madhya pradesh Mohammad Suleman is facing punishment in the case of contempt of the High Court. In the contempt petition related to the bhopal gas tragedy case, the high court had held ACS Mohammad Suleman of the state government along with amar Kumar Sinha and Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma of the National Informatics Center guilty of contempt. However, an application was submitted by the government to withdraw this order. On monday (February 19), the double bench of Justice Sheel Nagu and Justice Vinay Saraf reserved its decision after hearing the government's application.

Let us tell you here that in the year 2012, the supreme court, while hearing the petition filed by bhopal Gas Victims Mahila Udyog Sangathan and others, had issued 20 instructions regarding the treatment and rehabilitation of bhopal gas victims. Instructions were also issued to constitute a monitoring committee to ensure implementation of these points. The monitoring committee was to present its report before the high court every three months. On the basis of this report, the supreme court had given necessary directions to the Central and State Governments, after which the said petition was being heard by the High Court.

Another contempt petition was filed in the year 2015

A contempt petition was also filed in 2015 against non-implementation of the recommendations of the monitoring committee during the pendency of the petition. After this, the double bench of jabalpur high court had held the three officers ACS Mohammad Suleman along with amar Kumar Sinha and Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma of National Informatics Center guilty of contempt. On the day of hearing on the sentence, the government was hurriedly requested to withdraw this order. It was said in the application that all efforts are being made to comply with the court order. A time-bound program can be set to implement the recommendations of the monitoring committee. The monitoring committee can organize a joint meeting of the concerned department in this regard.

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