After the formation of nda government in Bihar, the work done earlier is now being reviewed. It is being claimed that during the time of the Grand Alliance government, there were irregularities in many departments. Now senior bjp leader and deputy chief minister in the government Vijay Kumar Sinha has expressed apprehension of irregularities in the PHED tender. RJD had this department in the grand alliance government. Its minister was Lalit Yadav. Presently this department is with Vijay Kumar Sinha.

Single tender cancelled, double tender will be investigated

Vijay Sinha has expressed apprehension of irregularities during the review of the work done in PHED (Public health Engineering Department) and has ordered an investigation. According to Vijay Sinha, a tender worth Rs 4500 crore has been made in the grand alliance government. In this he has expressed suspicion of foul play. According to Vijay Kumar Sinha, all single tenders will be cancelled, double tenders will be investigated.

Report will be sent to cm Nitish Kumar

Vijay Kumar Sinha says that the work has been done against the rules. There has been manipulation. There were single tenders which were rejected but those who changed their names re-tendered. He said that the matter is being investigated. The investigation report that comes will be sent to chief minister Nitish Kumar. cm Nitish's order is to investigate and catch the irregularities that have taken place during the Grand Alliance government. We are working under that.

Let us tell you that Vijay Sinha has nine ministries including PHED. On behalf of the nda government, orders have been given to review the work and decisions of the health Department, Road Construction Department, Urban Development and Housing Department, which were held by Tejashwi in the Grand Alliance government. Apart from this, orders have also been issued to review the work done in Rural Affairs Department, PHED and Mines and Geology Department. Mines and Geology department was with RJD's Ramanand Yadav and PHED department was with RJD's Lalit Yadav.

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