After the pran Pratishtha program on january 22, Chief Ministers of different states and their cabinets are reaching Ayodhya. In this sequence, on february 20, uttarakhand chief minister Pushkar Dhami reached ayodhya along with his cabinet members. At Maharishi Valmiki airport itself, he mentioned the relationship between uttarakhand and ayodhya and remembering the old days, said that earlier ram Lalla used to live in a tent. Today ram era has arrived. Pushkar Dhami also got lost in the memories of old days and said that when I was studying in lucknow University, when I used to come to ayodhya, I used to see that Ramlala was in the tent. Today we are proud that now ram Yuga has arrived.

Referring to Shri Ram's relationship with uttarakhand, cm Dhami said that Mother Saryu originates from uttarakhand and reaches Ayodhya. Shri ram had performed Pitru Yagya in uttarakhand itself. That is why there is a deep connection between uttarakhand and Ayodhya. That is why the people of uttarakhand are excited about the pran Pratistha program of Shri ram in Ayodhya. Because there is Devbhoomi there. Every ram devotee wants that Lord Ram's life should be consecrated and a grand temple should be built where he was born. Anyway, Mother Saryu leaves our place and reaches here. Raghunath temple is in Devprayag where Lord ram performed Pitru Yagya. There is a very deep connection with the people of Uttarakhand.

cm Dhami asked for land in Ayodhya

After refreshing Ayodhya's relationship with uttarakhand and old memories, chief minister Pushkar Dhami said that we have requested Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath ji that if he gives us land here soon, we will build uttarakhand Sadan here. So that the people coming here from uttarakhand do not face any kind of problem and good relations will be maintained as people come and go.

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