The court has granted amnesty to five individuals from Sirisilla district, who were embroiled in a murder case in dubai, leading to their release after approximately 18 years. The heart-wrenching scene at the airport captured the emotional reunion as the migrant workers returned home.

The five workers, namely Ravi, Mallesham, Hanmanthu, Venkatesh, and Lakshman, ventured to dubai in 2005 for employment. However, six months into their stay, they became entangled in a murder case involving the death of a Nepalese watchman named Bahadur Singh. Caught in the legal complexities of a foreign land, they were initially sentenced to ten years in prison.

Their plight caught the attention of former minister and BRSS working president ktr, who took proactive measures to secure their release. Understanding the legal intricacies of dubai, ktr initiated dialogue with Bahadur Singh's family in Nepal, convincing them to grant amnesty. With the help of lawyers and representatives, the family signed the amnesty agreement, accompanied by financial assistance of 15 lakhs.

KTR, further leveraging his political influence and collaborating with the Union Ministry of External Affairs, secured an appointment with the king of Dubai. This concerted effort led to the dubai court granting amnesty to the five individuals, paving the way for their release.

The emotional homecoming was a testament to the relentless efforts of ktr, who not only navigated legal complexities but also extended compassion and support to these individuals. Four of the five have already reached their homeland, with the fifth person, Venkatesh, expected to be released next month. The returning workers expressed their gratitude, attributing their freedom to KTR's unwavering commitment and advocacy on their behalf.

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