In Gwalior-Chambal division of madhya pradesh, 36 top officers have been put on duty to crack down on the food mafia. Officials are continuously conducting raids in the surrounding areas including Bhind, Morena, Shivpuri, Gwalior. Also, food items are being tested. It is being told that this campaign will continue continuously.

On the instructions of Food Department Commissioner Sudam Khade, a team of top 36 officials of madhya pradesh has been formed. This team has been made ready to detect fake food items in gwalior and Chambal divisions. A continuous campaign is also being run for this. According to information received from Food Department officials, officials have been called from many districts of madhya pradesh including Ujjain, Indore, Bhopal.

Complaints were being received continuously

At present, the wedding season is going on and complaints of fake items being found continuously in some districts of gwalior Chambal division were coming to the fore. It was also being said that the team of local officials did not appear to be fully competent. Due to this, the Food Department officials have retrenched selected officers from all the districts of madhya pradesh and posted them temporarily in Gwalior-Chambal division.

Special attention on milk products and spices

An official of the Fertilizer Department, on the condition of anonymity, said that the team has been instructed to keep a special eye on milk products like cheese, ghee etc. Apart from this, the team of Food Department is also keeping an eye on the spices used in food items. Samples are being taken continuously by the department. Apart from this, the sequence of action is also going on. Officials say that most of the adulterators become active during the wedding season. For this reason the team has received instructions to take precautions.

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