aam aadmi party (AAP) is excited by the supreme Court's decision regarding chandigarh Mayor elections. Meanwhile, delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal said that the supreme Court's decision in the chandigarh Mayor election has given a strong message to the growing dictatorship in the country. Today, there is a need for us to work together to protect our democracy and the impartiality of our autonomous institutions under any circumstances. He said in the delhi Assembly that efforts are being made to topple the opposition governments. In chandigarh, their (BJP) officials manipulated the votes and defeated the person who won with a huge majority and made the person who lost win.

Mention of pakistan

kejriwal said, “Same thing is happening in pakistan also. Inside Rawalpindi, the spirit of that officer woke up and said that he had defeated the person who had won with an overwhelming majority. These people made our country Pakistan. In one stroke, these people destroyed everything that this country had achieved in 75 years. arvind kejriwal said, "All the opposition leaders are being put in jail. If there is no leader, then who will contest the elections? A few days ago they froze the account of the congress party, now the aam aadmi party is next.

aam aadmi party (AAP) national convenor arvind kejriwal said, "They are openly saying that they are winning 370 seats, they are saying that 140 crore people have gone to get oil... you sit at home, we will win. 370 seats are coming from the machine.'' He alleged that the work is not being allowed.

Statement on farmer’s movement

arvind kejriwal said, "Farmers want to come to Delhi. What is their fault? They don't have weapons, they don't have anything, let them come. Everyone has the right to raise their voice. He says that the price of the crop should be paid. Will not pay the price and will not even allow the demonstration.

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