Perhaps on the decision of chandigarh Mayor election, delhi cm arvind kejriwal said that this has happened for the first time in the history of India. Many thanks to the court. This is a big victory for the india alliance. This is the victory of the people, this is the victory of the entire country. delhi cm said that bjp people stole 8 votes out of 36 votes. Today the evidence came in front of the camera, bjp people were caught. We thank the supreme Court. The way democracy is being crushed. In such a situation, this decision of the court is very important. To save democracy. This is the first victory of the india alliance. We have snatched this victory from them.

Question raised on BJP's claim of 370 seats

cm kejriwal said, "I congratulate all the parties associated with the india Alliance and the people of Chandigarh. This was a small election but a big election is going to be held in the country. Imagine how much theft will be done in it. Till now there was no evidence, today the proof is in front. Their luck was bad that CCTV cameras were installed in chandigarh elections and they were caught. How is bjp saying today that it is getting 370 seats. Where is so much confidence coming from? It means something is wrong. Yes. They don't win elections, they steal elections."

bjp can be defeated- cm Kejriwal

delhi chief minister kejriwal said that bjp can be defeated if we unite in the india Alliance. Become one. We have demonstrated this in Chandigarh. Those who want to save the country should come with the india Alliance. Earlier they used to mess up the voter list, now there are allegations of irregularities in EVMs too. The government did nothing on that. If nothing happens, they leave ED behind."

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