Delhi cm arvind kejriwal flagged off the 91st train under the chief minister Tirtha yatra Scheme. During this, cm kejriwal, while referring to shravan Kumar, said that just as he had taken his parents on a pilgrimage, in the same way I had taken my parents on a pilgrimage. cm kejriwal said, "10-15 days ago I had the privilege of going to ayodhya with my wife and parents and took the blessings of ram Lalla. punjab cm Bhagwant Mann, his wife and parents were with me. I have a family which consists of my parents and my children and the second big family is the two crore people of Delhi.

cm kejriwal said, "I used to be a small man whom you made the cm of Delhi." I consider you more than family. Like shravan Kumar had taken his parents on a pilgrimage. I got my parents to see me. Similarly, as a son, it is my responsibility to keep you happy and take care of you and not let you suffer. Let me take you on a pilgrimage.”

Most women are travelling: Kejriwal

Delhi cm said, "There might be some people among you who might have undertaken pilgrimage earlier. But there are many people who due to some reason did not get the chance to go on pilgrimage due to lack of resources and family responsibilities. Those who are going for the first time. Only 70 to 80 percent of the passengers are women. A big reason for this is that men go about their business but women remain busy in work from morning till evening. She has got an opportunity when she can go on pilgrimage. cm kejriwal said that Dwarkadhish, puri and Rameshwaram are most in demand in the pilgrimage scheme.

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