There is a demand for action against kk Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the education Department. On wednesday (February 21), several allegations were made against kk Pathak in the bihar Legislative Council. JDU Legislative Councilor Gulam Gaus called kk Pathak mad. Ghulam Gaus said that kk Pathak should be sent to ranchi or Agra. Not only this, it has been said that time bound action will be taken against kk Pathak.

The party and the opposition protested unanimously

BJP MLC Syed Shahnawaz Hussain has also made a big demand. Shahnawaz Hussain raised the issue regarding the arbitrary and indecent behavior of kk Pathak. He said that one person is not understanding the whole of Bihar. kk Pathak abuses officials. The video is going viral. The house should direct for action against kk Pathak. The opposition and the opposition unanimously protested against the demand for action against kk Pathak.

Action may be taken against ACS kk Pathak

bihar Legislative Council Chairman Devesh Chandra Thakur has taken cognizance of the indecent behavior and conversation in the viral video of kk Pathak. Along with not watching the video in the proceedings of the Legislative Council, he demanded to watch the video in his chamber. education Minister Vijay Chaudhary had talked about not telecasting the video in the House. It has been said that any member of the Legislative Council who wants to watch kk Pathak's video will watch it in his chamber along with the Chairman. Devesh Chandra Thakur said that if Additional Chief Secretary of education Department kk Pathak says abusive words, any wrong or indecent thing in the video, then action will be taken.

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