The alliance between Samajwadi party and congress in Uttar Pradesh for the lok sabha elections has now been finalized. Sources claim that congress will contest elections on 17 seats. Sources claim that congress General Secretary priyanka gandhi Vadra has also spoken to SP chief akhilesh yadav on phone. However, it is not yet clear on which seats congress will contest. priyanka gandhi is believed to play an important role in the SP-Congress alliance. This evening, there will be a joint press conference of congress and Samajwadi party at 5 Fortune Hotel, in which National General Secretary and State Incharge avinash Pandey and State President ajay Rai will be present from the congress side, while State President naresh Uttam patel will attend from the SP side. Let us tell you that there was speculation regarding the SP-Congress alliance for the lok sabha elections 2024 that there is no talk of seat sharing between SP-Congress. However, now the situation seems clear that the SP-Congress alliance is certain in UP.

SP fielded candidates on 31 seats of UP

The status of SP-Congress alliance in UP will become clear at 5 pm and it is believed that its official announcement can be made. However, SP has already announced its candidates on 31 seats in UP. Now it remains to be seen how many of these seats announced by SP will be contested by Congress. Its announcement can be made by this evening.

SP did not participate in rahul Gandhi's visit

Let us tell you that SP has declared Surendra Singh patel as its candidate from varanasi seat. This seat is considered to be of congress and congress UP President ajay Rai contests the election on this seat. Regarding the SP-Congress alliance in UP, Samajwadi party (SP) President akhilesh yadav had said that his party will not take part in rahul Gandhi's Nyay yatra until the seat sharing with congress is finalized. After this statement of Akhilesh, SP did not participate in rahul Gandhi's visit.

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