As per report congress MP and former cm Kamal Nath's son nakul Nath has welcomed cm Mohan Yadav on his visit to Chhindwara but has also alleged that during the tenure of bjp at the Centre, the medical college here Funds have been stopped. Apart from this, he also cornered bjp on the issues of youth and farmers. This statement of Nukalnath has come at a time when there was speculation a few days ago about his joining BJP. This speculation intensified when he removed the name of congress from his social media handle. However, kamal nath put a stop to these discussions with one of his statements.

Meanwhile Nakulnath wrote on 'X' on Wednesday, "Madhya Pradesh chief minister @DrMohanYadav51 ji is coming to my parliamentary constituency Chhindwara, I welcome you on behalf of the people of Chhindwara and request you to go to Chhindwara Medical college and work." Look at the pace, the college which was supposed to be completed about 3 years ago, by stopping its funds, the bjp government not only stopped the work of the hospital but also deprived thousands of people of better treatment.

congress leader nakul Nath further wrote, "I request you to complete the hospital work soon and re-approve the cut budget. Along with this, there is lack of arrangements in Chhindwara University, due to which students are troubled and many farmers of the district have lost their crops due to excessive rainfall. I hope that you will implement these important demands as soon as possible.

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