Perhaps former cm of madhya pradesh shivraj singh chouhan said that the pace of congress has become such that everyone is leaving Congress. bjp has to stop that it will not take this or that. They blame ED and CBI. But the one who has committed sin will not be spared. Congress's rule is that no matter how big the scams are, nothing will happen. But this is 'Modi's guarantee' that he will not spare any dishonest person.'' It is believed from Shivraj Singh's words that his target was former cm Kamal Nath and his son nakul Nath, about whom there were speculations recently that they would join BJP. Gonna do.

When speaking to the media on wednesday during his visit to Kalaburagi in Karnataka, shivraj singh chouhan said, "Democracy in the world originated from this land. We are busy preparing for the elections. congress destroyed both the countries. mahatma Gandhi's dream of dissolving congress will be done by Rahul gandhi under the leadership of mallikarjun Kharge in this election. Because the pace of congress has become such that everyone wants to leave it.

Furthermore by attacking Rahul gandhi and mallikarjun Kharge, Shivraj Singh said, "Rahul gandhi ji has lost his mental balance. Yesterday he gave this statement that in Banaras children keep dancing after drinking, whom are you insulting? It suits such a big leader to insult the common citizen. congress is nearing its end. Kharge ji speaks a scared language. Let's talk about ED and CBI. He should explain why Kalburgi has the lowest per capita income. He has been here for 50-55 years.

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