Reportedly along with Uttar Pradesh, there is an alliance of Samajwadi party (SP) and congress in madhya pradesh also. In madhya pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav's party SP will contest elections from Khajuraho seat. SP will support congress on the remaining seats. There are 29 lok sabha seats in the state. There was a lot of conflict between the two parties in the madhya pradesh assembly elections. akhilesh yadav had fired verbal shots at Congress. At the same time, congress also retaliated. Along with congress, SP also suffered a setback in this election. After this, both the parties have now decided to contest the elections together.

Meanwhile in the 2019 lok sabha elections, BJP's vishnu Dutt Sharma (VD Sharma) had won the Khajuraho seat. Sharma is currently the President of madhya pradesh BJP. SP had made veer singh Patel the candidate for this seat. Whereas congress had given ticket to Kavita Singh. BD Sharma had got 810410 votes. Whereas Congress's Kavita Singh got 318526 votes. While veer singh Patel got 40029 votes. Talking about vote percentage, Sharma got 64 percent votes, Kavita Singh got 25 percent votes and veer singh Patel got 3 percent votes. It will be interesting to see who bjp and SP field as candidates in the upcoming lok sabha elections.

Perhaps congress was reduced to 66 out of 230 seats in the assembly. Whereas bjp won a huge majority. The party got 163 seats. Bharat Adivasi party won one seat. Talking about vote percentage, bjp got 48.55 percent votes. congress got 40.40 percent votes. Whereas Samajwadi party got 0.46 percent votes. Under the agreement made in UP, congress will contest elections on 17 out of 80 seats. Samajwadi party will field its candidates on most of the remaining seats.

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