Reportedly after the supreme Court's decision on the chandigarh Mayor election dispute, bjp is continuously on target of opposition parties. In this series, aam aadmi party leader and delhi government minister Gopal Rai has cornered the bjp central government. He said that bjp is arrogant in power. bjp people are not following the Constitution. The supreme court on tuesday declared aam aadmi party mayor candidate kuldeep Kumar the winner while giving its verdict in favor of the india Alliance. Meanwhile, the supreme Court's decision on the chandigarh Mayor election is also being discussed in the delhi Assembly on Wednesday. delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal is giving a speech in the House. During this time he has also targeted BJP.

Earlier in West Bengal, minister Gopal Rai also reacted to bjp leaders calling an IPS officer a Khalistani. He said that bjp leaders have insulted the IPS officer by calling him Khalistani. This shows how much hatred bjp leaders are filled with regarding people's colour, religion and caste. If anyone has been called Shaheed-e-Azam then it is Bhagat Singh who was born in a Sardar family. Kartar Singh Sarabha also attained martyrdom in his youth. If you take out a list of martyrs, most of them will be Punjabis. But, bjp leaders have started distributing certificates of Naxalite and traitor to anyone on the basis of religion and caste.

Gopal Rai said that bjp leaders should publicly apologize for their words. Turban used to be a guarantee of the country's security, but today bjp leaders are calling the person wearing the same turban a Khalistani. bjp should apologize for this.

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