As per report an alliance has been announced between Samajwadi party and congress in Uttar Pradesh for the lok sabha elections 2024. Out of 80 lok sabha seats in UP, congress will contest on 17 seats. priyanka gandhi and akhilesh yadav have played an important role in the SP-Congress alliance in UP. In the joint press conference of SP-Congress, congress UP in-charge avinash Pandey said that congress will contest elections on 17 seats of UP. He said that on the remaining 63 seats, there will be candidates from SP or other parties, congress will support them and will defeat BJP.

Meanwhile at the beginning of the joint press conference of SP-Congress, avinash Pandey said that to save democracy and protect the Constitution, seats have been divided between Samajwadi party and INC in UP. Regarding SP-Congress alliance, avinash Pandey said that a committee was formed. There was a discussion through this committee as to how we can defeat bjp by bringing all the democratic parties together. Meanwhile, congress leader avinash Pandey said that an alliance has been recognized keeping a long-term goal in mind, whatever discussions were held were fruitful and now we will fight the elections together. congress UP in-charge avinash Pandey, congress President ajay Rai, SP State President naresh Uttam Patel, SP National Secretary Rajendra Chaudhary were present.

Whereas SP spokesperson Rajendra Chaudhary said that we are talking to you in lucknow but the message of saving india is going across the country. bjp came to the Center from UP in 2014 and will go out from here in 2024. The SP leader said that the situation in the country is bad, farmers and youth are on the streets. Voters are requested to unite against communalism.

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