According to sources Aam Aadmi Party's chief national spokesperson priyanka Kakkar has targeted bjp amid the possibility of delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal getting summons from ED and notice from CBI. He says, "For the last two years, bjp has always been trying to put cm arvind kejriwal behind the bars. ED has not recovered even a single penny. Till now not a single rupee has been recovered from the residence of any AAP leader. We are law abiding people."

According to AAP spokesperson priyanka Kakkar, 'BJP has been trying for two years to somehow put arvind kejriwal in jail. aam aadmi party should be abolished. This is the reason why the so-called liquor scam was written about in the bjp office, but till date the ED has not recovered even a single rupee from our leader. She said that when ED itself has gone to court on this issue. They know the date is 16th March. Our leaders will appear in the court. They know that we are going to follow the court order. He has understood how the india Alliance together contested the chandigarh Mayor elections and won. BJP's robbery exposed in Mayor elections.

Perhaps since then bjp is in trouble. She wants to break the AAP-Congress alliance by any means. Whereas the talks regarding Congress-AAP alliance are in the final stages. Therefore, in an effort to break it, after ED, there is a plan to issue 41 notice to cbi in the name of CM. In the next two to three days, he would like to arrest cm arvind kejriwal by any means.

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