The dispute between the Lieutenant governor and the delhi government in the capital delhi is not stopping. delhi Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena has written a letter to chief minister arvind kejriwal raising questions on the delay in presenting the budget. In this letter, VK Saxena accused the kejriwal government of delay in presenting the budget without any apparent reason. He said that the common people have the right to know from the government how public money is being used.

Lieutenant governor VK Saxena targeted the delhi government through this letter. The Lieutenant Governor's letter, written on saturday (February 24), is different from the letter issued a day earlier, in which he had alleged that the budget is pending with the delhi Finance minister since august 2023. In a letter to the delhi government, the Lieutenant governor said that I would like to bring to your attention that despite the approval from the central government and the annual financial report being available with the government, it is still pending for presentation in the house from 19 february 2024. As per law it was not sent to me.

What did the Lieutenant governor say on the budget?

Referring to the delay in the budget, Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena said that the budget sent by the delhi government was approved by the central government only on february 19, which shows that the delhi government has stopped it without any apparent reason. He said that in the interest of the common people of delhi, the government should present the annual budget in the house as soon as possible and discuss it and pass it. The Lieutenant governor said that through this budget, people will get to know the expenses and revenues of the delhi government and how the public money is being used.

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