delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal visited Govindpuri area of Kalkaji assembly on Saturday. He met the local residents and assured them of correcting the wrong water bills. During this, he tore a wrong bill and said, 'To solve this, delhi government wants to bring one time settlement scheme, but bjp through lg told the officers to stop the scheme.' cm said that the people of delhi are seeing how I am getting all the work done by fighting with them. people of delhi should not worry. Have faith in me. No matter how many obstacles bjp creates in bringing water bill waiver scheme, they will get everyone's bills waived off. At the same time, after getting assurance from the cm, the local people tore the wrong water bills. people said that we have faith in our CM. Only you can solve our problem.

Wrong bills coming since Corona time

While meeting people in Govindpuri, cm arvind kejriwal said that after Corona, most of the people are getting wrong water bills. We have kept water free. Still, if such a high bill is coming then it is wrong. I will get all these wrong bills forgiven. bjp people create obstacles in our every work. They have enmity with me, what enmity do they have with the public? They should be allowed to work for the public. cm said that those who have received wrong bills should not deposit their bills. We are trying to bring the scheme as soon as possible. If a straight finger doesn't work then you will bend it. lg and bjp people together have made entire delhi unhappy.

11 lakh people troubled by wrong bills

There are 11 lakh such families in delhi who are troubled by wrong water bills. cm said that this time bjp should not win. Strengthen our hands, so that we can raise the voice of Delhiites in Parliament. cm said, 'There are houses of 50-50 yards. The people living there have received bills ranging from Rs 50 thousand to more than one lakh. The public did not pay those bills, interest and LPC penalty started being charged on them. Bills reached lakhs. We have made an assessment in entire delhi that about 11 lakh families are getting wrong bills. The bills of so many people cannot be settled. It will take 80 years to fix this. Now we have come up with One Time Settlement Scheme. So that the bills of those who have received wrong bills can be corrected automatically.

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