In the upcoming lok sabha elections, aam aadmi party and congress will contest together under the Indi alliance. After a long tussle, aam aadmi party will contest four out of seven lok sabha seats in delhi and congress will contest three. congress has won the lok sabha seats of chandni Chowk, North-East and North-West Delhi. Whereas the aam aadmi party has retained the lok sabha seats of West delhi, east delhi, New delhi and South Delhi.

Even though both the parties have come together to defeat the bharatiya janata party, it will not be easy to translate this into lok sabha election results. In both the last elections, bjp had made a clean sweep of all the seats in delhi and this time also bjp seems stronger than AAP and congress in Delhi. However, the coming together of both will have a significant impact on BJP's vote share and this election is going to be difficult for them too. congress is facing the biggest problem here. It is also his responsibility to make the AAP candidates win with dedication while following the principle of alliance.

Selection of candidates is not easy

Talking about the seats won by congress, they have to contest from chandni Chowk, North-East and North-West delhi lok sabha seats. For which there are many potential candidates, who have also been members of parliament in the past. In such a situation, congress will have to think a lot about who to contest from which lok sabha seat.

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