In view of the lok sabha elections 2024, aam aadmi party and congress have decided to fight with each other. While deciding the strategy, all the seven lok sabha seats of delhi have also been divided. In this, AAP will field its candidates on four seats and congress will field its candidates on three seats. Meanwhile, claiming victory, delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal said, 'India Alliance will win all seven seats of Delhi. We work for the development and progress of Delhiites, bjp people are busy in ruining delhi, they are busy in making Delhiites unhappy. The one who gives relief is greater than the one who kills.

Taking aim at bjp, chief minister arvind kejriwal said that he wants to build such schools in delhi which will be remembered by the whole world but bjp tried to stop the construction of these schools. cm kejriwal said that bjp people do not want the children of the poor to get the education that their children get. bjp people tried to stop hospitals for the poor. bjp and lg of delhi have made the people of this place unhappy.

For your information, let us tell you that the alliance between AAP and congress was announced through a press conference on saturday 25th February. Both the parties have unanimously decided that aam aadmi party will field candidates on South delhi, West delhi, east delhi and New delhi lok sabha seats, while congress will contest on chandni Chowk, North West delhi and North east delhi seats.

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