lok sabha elections are very near, hence the preparations of all the parties regarding it have intensified. All the parties are claiming their respective victories. chief minister arvind kejriwal has also claimed that only the indian Alliance (I.N.D.I.A. Alliance) will win all seven seats in delhi in the upcoming lok sabha elections. He has also accused bjp of ruining Delhi.

chief minister arvind kejriwal on sunday (February 25) appealed to the people of delhi to vote in favor of 'India' alliance candidates in the lok sabha elections, so that their voice can be heard in parliament and the increased water bills can be waived off. . AAP's national convenor said, "Vote in favor of 'India' alliance candidates from delhi in the lok sabha elections and send them to Parliament. With this, a security blanket will be created around delhi and no Lieutenant governor will be able to do anything.

kejriwal claims victory on all seven seats of Delhi

delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal wrote on social media platform We work for the development and progress of Delhiites, bjp people are busy in ruining delhi, they are busy in making Delhiites unhappy. The one who gives relief is greater than the one who kills.

Division of seats between AAP and Congress

It is noteworthy that there are total 7 lok sabha seats in Delhi. aam aadmi party and congress have come together to compete with bjp in the elections. According to the seat sharing formula, arvind kejriwal led aam aadmi party will contest elections on 4 seats in Delhi. These seats include New delhi, West delhi, South delhi and east delhi lok sabha seats. Whereas congress candidates will try their luck on three seats. congress will compete with its opponents in North east, North West and chandni Chowk seats of Delhi.

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