On Saturday, congress and aam aadmi party have announced to contest elections together in Delhi, Haryana, gujarat and Chandigarh. Due to which political activities have intensified. bjp is busy cornering congress and AAP. On which the reaction of congress leader sandeep Dixit has also come to the fore. He said that I do not understand why bjp is facing problems due to the alliance of congress and AAP.

‘BJP is the mother of everything’

congress leader sandeep Dixit further said that BJP's winning MLAs in bihar used to abuse chief minister Nitish Kumar and used abusive language, today you are sitting in his bungalow. In Punjab, bjp had an alliance with Shiromani Akali Dal, but when they parted ways, you started talking about their familism. Now when the elections come, you are talking to each other again. Take a look at yourself also. He said that those whose own houses are made of glass should not throw stones at others. bjp is the mother of everything. Who used all the parties.

‘BJP has destroyed all democratic institutions’

sandeep Dixit said as far as Anna movement is concerned. bjp stood with AAP in Anna movement. congress claimed that everyone knows that RSS and bjp funded this. Vivekananda international also allegedly had involvement in this. Then why does bjp give lessons to anyone else? He said that bjp has destroyed all the democratic institutions, leaving only one vote in the hands of the people, but people also have doubts whether this system is working well.

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