bihar government minister Shrawan Kumar reached Noorsarai in the district on Sunday. Had arrived at Sardar patel Stadium to inaugurate the pre-scheduled cricket tournament. During this, minister shravan Kumar also inaugurated it by playing bat ball. A large number of people had come to watch the match. At the same time, the minister once again targeted the RJD party fiercely. He said that any political party has the right to do whatever yatra it wants, but all the yatras of RJD are failing.

We believe in work- shravan Kumar

shravan Kumar said that the reason for the failure of RJD's yatra is that when the government wanted to prove its majority in the assembly, it had said that it would have been played, but it was not played with them. Meaning, one journey has already gone wrong, now whatever journey they undertake will fail. We believe in work and believe in increasing comfort. believe in solving problems. It is not going to make any difference whether RJD does Vishwas yatra or not.

'JDU party has been hijacked by BJP'

Tejashwi Yadav had said in Nalanda yesterday that JDU party has been hijacked by BJP. Responding to this, the minister said who will hijack JDU? JDU is a party of today, whose leader is Nitish Kumar, no one has hijacked it and will not do so. His only commitment is that how will the people of bihar benefit and how will the people of bihar progress.

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