Ramkatha started from the mouth of international saint Morari bapu from saturday in ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram. After the construction of ram Mandir, bapu was welcomed by Trust General Secretary Champat Rai and Treasurer Swami Govind Giri Maharaj at the beginning of the Katha organized on a large scale by Shri ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. After inviting Lord Hanuman, bapu started the 932nd Ramkatha of his lifetime by singing Ram's praises.

While narrating the story on the subject of Manas ram Mandir, Morari bapu said that people say that ram is the life of india but I say that ram of india is not the life, he is the life of life, he is the soul of living beings, he is the happiness of happiness also. . ram is the soul of india and the soul of the world. ram temple is not only the temple of india but of all the three worlds. bapu said that some temples are grand, some temples are divine but ram temple is serviceable. When you see this temple from outside, it is grand, when you go inside, it is divine, and as you get closer to Thakur ji, it is serviceable. For years, many saints, saints and people wished that this temple should be built.

Seventh time, story of seventh incarnation

During the sermon, bapu said that ram is the seventh incarnation in the Dashavatar of God. I am happy that this time I have come to ayodhya to tell the seventh story. It is my utmost good fortune that I have come to tell the story of ram to Ram. I have full faith that Lord ram himself will definitely listen to this story. bapu quoted gandhi bapu and said that one who does not know Ramayana and Mahabharata has no right to be called an Indian. These are such texts which are found in every Sanatani's house. If you look at the bag of a sadhu, the same texts will be found in it also.

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