Congress leader rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyay yatra reached Agra, Uttar Pradesh. During this, Samajwadi party chief akhilesh yadav also participated in rahul Gandhi's Nyaya Yatra. During this visit, SP-Congress workers welcomed both the leaders. Meanwhile, SP chief akhilesh yadav has shared a picture with rahul gandhi during this visit on his social media platform X.

SP chief akhilesh yadav wrote on X- "Sir, this 'Agra' teaches love even to the haters, which unites the hearts." During the visit, Samajwadi party chief akhilesh yadav said, "Agra city is known in the world. I am happy that they have started the shop of love and this entire city is a city of love. In the times to come, There is a challenge to save democracy and the Constitution. We hope that the fight between I.N.D.I.A alliance and PDA will work to defeat NDA."

During this visit, akhilesh yadav said that rahul gandhi talks about love in the country but this city is completely a city of love. Our fight is to save the Constitution, remove bjp and save the country. Our fight will be successful only when bjp defeats 80 in Uttar Pradesh, save democracy.

Former cm akhilesh yadav said, "Today the farmers are standing against the government. The government is scared of the power of the farmers. In the coming time, bjp will be removed and the I.N.D.I.A coalition government will give respect to the farmers. The youth is committing suicide by burning his degree. Someone "It is not the government's recruitment in which papers are not leaked. This is done deliberately by the government because they do not want to provide employment."

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