The round of counter-attacks continues between the parties regarding the lok sabha elections. Union home minister amit shah, while addressing the booth conference in Khajuraho, madhya pradesh, attacked congress fiercely. However, before this, madhya pradesh chief minister Mohan Yadav has taken a dig at congress for giving Khajuraho seat to SP. He said that congress had lost here last time by about 4 lakh votes. On the arrival of amit shah, cm Mohan Yadav further said that Khajuraho is the land where Matangeshwar Mahadev gives blessings and definitely that blessing comes to fruition and its signs are also visible.

madhya pradesh chief minister Mohan Yadav, in a way, praised amit shah and said that the program for your arrival had just been made. It is because of the threat of your coming that congress has left the field. Mohan Yadav said that last time congress had lost here by 4 lakh votes.

amit shah appealed to fill Modi's bag

During the booth conference in Khajuraho, Union minister amit shah appealed to the people to vote for BJP. He said that this time all the 29 seats in madhya pradesh should be filled by prime minister Narendra Modi. prime minister Modi has given us a target of 400 seats and achieving this target is not possible without booth workers. This time we have to move ahead with a resolve to be victorious at all the booths.

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