There is an alliance between congress and aam aadmi party (AAP) for the lok sabha seats of Gujarat, under which AAP candidates will contest from Congress' traditional Bharuch seat. There is disappointment in Bharuch congress and especially the family of ahmed patel due to this decision. Meanwhile, the statement of ahmed Patel's daughter mumtaz Patel has come, who has been claiming this seat. mumtaz said, "I am very saddened by this decision but we accept whatever decision our party has taken." Whatever order the party gives us, we will work to fulfill it.

Speaking to news agency ANI, mumtaz said, "When it comes to Bharuch, ahmed Patel's name comes first. At this time we are in the alliance, so we follow it.'' mumtaz had apologized to the party workers for not getting the Bharuch seat to congress under the alliance. She had written on 'X', "I apologize to our district cadre for not being able to save the Bharuch lok sabha seat in the alliance. Together we will strengthen Congress. We will not let ahmed Patel's 45 years of legacy go waste.'' mumtaz had made another tweet in which she had written that she was missing her father.

Brother and sister both had staked claim on Bharuch seat

Two days ago, mumtaz had said that she was hopeful that the Bharuch seat would remain with the Congress. mumtaz had said, "Ahmed Patel's family is not just me and Faisal. ahmed Patel's family is the entire congress organization. He was hopeful that Bharuch seat would remain with Congress. people were angry. Negotiations are still going on. The complete decision has not come. We remain hopeful. We have hope from the high command. We have heard that rahul gandhi has also expressed objection. We hope that this seat will remain with Congress. Let us tell you that ahmed Patel's son Faisal had also expressed his desire to contest elections from this seat and had said that AAP's candidate cannot win from this seat.

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