Reportedly chief minister arvind kejriwal gave an address of thanks on the address of Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena in the budget session of delhi Assembly. On this occasion, he said that government schools are being closed in every state. We built wonderful schools in Delhi. The schools here are good. cm kejriwal also attacked LG. He said that many things were stopped through lg officials. Everyone gives speeches on removing poverty, but poverty is not removed. He targeted the Ayushman Bharat card of the central government. He said that this is the biggest scam in the country.

Meanwhile the chief minister said that even the people of UP have Ayushman Bharat card, so why do they come to GTB Hospital in delhi for treatment? We made treatment free in government hospitals of Delhi. people from haryana and noida come to delhi government hospitals for treatment. delhi has borne the burden of the entire country.

cm kejriwal further said, "The bjp government at the Center has sold everything. The sad thing is that efforts are being made to stop our work. Farmers in the country do not get electricity. How to serve the country, that is the responsibility." Give it to me. “The country has an installed capacity of four megawatts. We have the capability. The requirement is 2 lakh MW. Why are we not getting electricity? central government should answer. Rs 1.5 lakh crore is needed to provide 200 units of free electricity to every family across the country. Schools will be repaired in Rs 5 lakh crore, hospitals will be repaired in Rs 5 lakh crore. That means better education, health and electricity will be available for Rs 11.5 lakh crore.

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