As per report JDU mla from Gopalpur Gopal Mandal gave a controversial statement while talking to journalists on monday (February 26). He said that the matter of murder of a woman in Rangara of Navgachia is not going to be resolved yet. This fire will burn brighter. On february 18, a woman's body was recovered. There was a huge uproar in this case regarding the murder of a missing woman. Action has also been taken against the police station in this matter. Now JDU mla Gopal Mandal has given an inflammatory statement.

Meanwhile in fact, a week after the incident, the mla of Gopalpur assembly had come to meet the victim's family. He said that the extremely backward society has been defamed. The name of the most backward class has been given in the case. If the name of backward class is not removed from the case then the war will continue. Gopal Mandal also said that the police is not giving protection to the backward class. What will be the investigation? The investigation has already been done. Big officials are present. If SP Saheb had come to distribute the shield then why did he come? Do you want to contest elections? Should the police distribute shields? Said that Brahmin SP wants to hush up the matter.

Let us tell you that on february 16, Shobha Devi, a woman from Rangra, had gone missing. The woman's body was recovered on 18 February. The villagers became angry as soon as the dead body was found. The police vehicle and the panchayat Samiti vehicle were set on fire. Journalists and police were beaten up. The police had arrested two murderers. After this, cases were registered against 40 named and 250 unknown people. The DIG had also put the police station head on the line. Somehow the matter was pacified.

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