Perhaps in this election 37 votes are needed for 1 seat. bharatiya janata party has fielded seven candidates and Samajwadi party has fielded three candidates. Let us tell you that bjp has 8 votes less for the eighth candidate and SP has 2 votes less for the third candidate. Meanwhile amidst all this, suspense remains regarding 8-11 MLAs of four political parties. These 8 MLAs can spoil the game of either bharatiya janata party or SP. The parties whose MLAs are in suspense include MLAs from Bahujan Samaj party, bharatiya janata party, Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj party and Rashtriya Lok Dal.

Moreover there is suspense regarding BSP mla Umashankar Singh and Samajwadi party mla Rakesh Pandey. Apart from this, on Monday, SubhaSP chief OP Rajbhar claimed that Maharaji, wife of SP leader Gayatri prasad Prajapati, will vote for the BJP-led national democratic alliance (NDA) candidate. In such a situation, now there is apprehension about 2 SP MLAs. Pallavi patel has not yet clarified whose candidate she will vote for. On the other hand, even though the SubhaSP chief may have recently met cm Yogi Adityanath along with his MLAs, he also claims about two MLAs that they can vote for the SP candidate.

At the same time, suspense continues on three out of nine MLAs of Rashtriya Lok Dal. Meanwhile, let us tell you that voting for 10 rajya sabha seats in UP is tomorrow. bjp has fielded 8 candidates and Samajwadi party has fielded 3 candidates. The situation of voting has come because of the 8th candidate of BJP. There is doubt on the victory of the third candidate of Samajwadi Party. Before voting, both the camps are showing their strength. raja Bhaiya has announced that his party will vote for nda candidates.

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