Jan Suraj's architect and election strategist prashant kishor opened fire on cm Nitish Kumar. Issuing a statement on tuesday (February 27), PK challenged cm Nitish Kumar. Along with alcohol he took the name of mahatma Gandhi. PK said a lot in his statement.

prashant kishore said that my own understanding says that there is no evidence in any country, state or any society in the world that economic and social development of the society has been achieved through prohibition. If this had happened through liquor ban, then all the people in the world are not idiots, they too would have implemented liquor ban. Even if there is substance in liquor ban, then liquor ban in bihar is not on the ground! Due to prohibition, sale of liquor in shops has stopped, but home delivery has started.

PK said- 'Loss of Rs 20 thousand crores'

PK said that today a liquor mafia system has emerged in Bihar. Today poor people in bihar are facing a loss of Rs 20 thousand crores every year directly and indirectly. The money that is being lost is going to the liquor mafia and to the authorities. What is the benefit today?

Further regarding the cm of bihar, prashant kishore said that people are saying that gandhiji had said this, so I have given an open challenge. nitish kumar and his entire government should show me one line written or spoken by gandhiji that governments should implement prohibition. These are such stupid people that gandhiji had said that drinking alcohol is wrong. gandhiji did not say that make a law and put people in jail.

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