In a recent post on X, minister Temjen Imna Along of Nagaland posted a video of the well-known dancing officer from indore along with a motivational message for his supporters. For the past 16 years, traffic policeman ranjeet Singh has been directing traffic in indore by utilising dancing steps from Michael Jackson's "moonwalk."
Temjen Imna Along posted a caption along with ranjeet Singh's video, which says, "Don't wait for the right platform to flaunt your moves, build the right platform yourself." The text is translated from hindi to English.
Ranjeet Singh was seen in the video directing traffic on a busy indore street while showcasing his amazing dance moves.

Because of his distinct approach to traffic management, ranjeet Singh has gained a lot of popularity on social media. He receives a lot of requests for his instagram photos, which he shares with his 234K followers. The traffic officer uploaded ranjeet Singh's footage on his instagram site earlier this month, which Temjen Imna Along posted. With more than 31 million views, it became viral. ranjeet Singh also shared a photo of himself with comedian Bharti Singh earlier this week. The post has garnered a huge attention.

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