Reportedly exactly a day later, a mega rally is also going to be held by RJD at gandhi Maidan in Patna. In such a situation, RJD mla Bhai Virendra has reacted on tuesday (February 27) regarding PM Modi's visit. He was answering the questions of journalists in the assembly premises.

Meanwhile Bhai Virendra said that the arrival of senior leaders of bharatiya janata party and the prime minister in bihar will not make any difference. This is bihar and the people here know everything. On PM Modi's visit to bihar, brother Virendra said that it has been a stronghold of socialists. The people here have talked about driving out BJP. This time bjp free india will be created. india coalition government will be formed.

While talking to journalists, brother Virendra attacked cm Nitish Kumar. On this question there is talk of dissolving the assembly. On this, the RJD mla said that chief minister Nitish Kumar is a member of the Legislative Council. He is just worried about how to become the chief minister of bihar again. Want to make a record. There is nothing to be done for Bihar. Nor do we have to think about providing employment to the unemployed. Only they want the post. There will no longer be any party named JDU. On the other hand, ED has raided the house of RJD mla Kiran Devi in Arrah. On this, brother Virendra said that it will not make any difference whether it is ED or CBI. The public knows everything. Meanwhile, on the incident of fighting between family members and doctors in IGIMS, Bhai Virendra said that bjp should be asked what is the example of Mahajangalraj? This is Mahajungalraj where bjp leaders are waving pistols and guns. Threatening the doctor. They are abusing. This is the so-called good governance government of BJP. The chief minister should give a statement on this. Doctors are not safe in a place like IGIMS. If the doctor is not safe, how will he treat the patient?

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