According to sources RJD mla Ramanuj prasad said on tuesday that the Grand Alliance MLAs have been broken on the basis of money by intimidation and by showing the fear of CBI-ED. At the same time, bjp mla Sanjay Kumar Singh said that Tejashwi Yadav was trying to topple the nda government on the basis of money. They were trying to kill democracy. Grand alliance MLAs do not want to live with the murderers of democracy.

Meanwhile bjp mla Sanjay Kumar Singh said that today the souls of the three MLAs who joined nda were awakened. Come after listening to your conscience. There will be further divisions in the Grand Alliance. This is Tejashwi's failure. At the same time, JDU mla Sanjeev Singh said that impressed by the work of PM narendra modi and cm Nitish Kumar, three MLAs of the Grand Alliance joined nda today. He is welcome. Grand alliance MLAs will break even in future.

Moreover let us tell you that on february 12, the day when Nitish government was to get majority, RJD MLAs chetan Anand, Neelam Devi and Prahlad Yadav left the Grand Alliance and joined NDA. Till now, a total of 6 Grand Alliance MLAs have switched sides and joined NDA. At the same time, today congress MLAs siddharth Saurabh and murari Gautam and RJD mla Sangeeta Devi changed sides. Came to NDA. These three MLAs came from the opposition in the assembly and sat in the ruling party. According to the information received, there is talk of joining BJP.

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