Rana Goswami was busy preparing for congress President rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyaya yatra in Assam. He was interrogated by the police a few days ago due to a case registered during the Nyaya Yatra. However, Rana Goswami quit the congress party due to various political reasons.

Earlier this month, the mla resigned from the post of assam State congress Party's working president. Kamalakya De Burkayastha lent her support to the bjp government. Along with him, congress mla Basanta Das also expressed his support to the BJP. Excluding them, the congress now has only 23 MLAs in the 126-member assam state assembly.

Now it is said that the resignation of Rana Goswami will cause a setback for the congress party in the lok sabha elections in the state. In the last 2019 lok sabha elections, bjp won 9 out of 14 seats in Assam.

Commenting on this, congress mla and leader of Opposition in assam, Debaprata Saikia said, “Rana Goswami is a very senior leader. He grew up from the grassroots in the party. He has also served as mla twice. At the national level, I think the congress has done its best for him as a committed party. Maybe he was disgruntled or some other reason that we don't know is the reason for his resignation.” said.

My request is that he should give the reason for leaving the party. If he says, his grievances can be fulfilled and the party can grow. He also said that we cannot allow an india without an opposition party.

Responding to a question about Rana Goswami joining the bjp, chief minister Himanta Biswa Sharma denied any such information. But Rana Goswami is a powerful congress leader. chief minister Himanta Biswa Sharma also said that if he joins bjp, I will welcome it.

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