Reportedly delhi Lieutenant governor Vinay Kumar Saxena has once again shocked the aam aadmi party government. Actually, chief minister arvind kejriwal had announced the solar policy in a press conference a few days ago. The AAP government has now accused lg of stopping the solar policy. kejriwal government claims that with the implementation of this solar policy, electricity bills in delhi would become almost zero. But lg stopped this policy.

Currently reaction has also come from raj bhavan on this. lg House has said, "Kejriwal government is misleading the people by habitually lying. lg has not stopped the solar policy. There is no such provision in the policy which would reduce the electricity bills of the people to zero. Inverted policy. There is a 'RESCO' provision in the policy, which will benefit only private power companies. lg has sought details on this provision. lg has also asked whether this policy has any provision to benefit consumers from the capital subsidy of thousands of crores of the government of India. Is there a provision for reconciliation?

Moreover it is noteworthy that the new solar energy policy was approved in the delhi Cabinet. Under its new policy, the government had said that the electricity bill of those who install solar panels on their roof will become zero. Along with this, it was said that the electricity consumer can earn Rs 700 to 900 every month from this. There was also talk of giving incentives to people who install solar panels on the roof of their houses. Along with this, it was made mandatory to install solar panels on all government buildings with an area of 500 square meters for the next 3 years.

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