As per report the reaction of aam aadmi party MP and National Organization General Secretary sandeep Pathak has come to light on the results of rajya sabha elections of Himachal Pradesh. He said that it cannot be called cross voting, there has been horse trading. They do horse trading in every election. They buy and sell where they cannot win elections. You saw how they 'steal' openly in Chandigarh. Their main agenda is to commit 'election theft'.

Meanwhile sandeep Pathak said that they misuse the entire government machinery to win elections. We use all the mechanisms of Police, cbi and ED. They think that they are bringing down the government whereas they are not only bringing down the government but also the country, they are bringing down the reputation of the country.


Moreover let us tell you that bjp candidate Harsh Mahajan has won the Himachal rajya sabha elections. Himachal congress has 40 MLAs. bjp has 25 MLAs and 3 are independent MLAs. During the elections, the entire mathematics was changed by cross voting of 6 congress MLAs. The same independent MLAs also voted in favor of BJP. Due to which congress candidate abhishek Manu Singhvi got 34 votes while bjp candidate Harsh Mahajan also got only 34 votes. Due to equal number of votes, a draw of lots was conducted in which the bjp candidate won. After the victory, bjp is continuously cornering the congress government. Along with this, bjp candidate Harsh Mahajan has claimed that the Sukhu government of the state will fall. Former cm Jairam Thakur has demanded the resignation of chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu. The former cm had also come to meet the governor this morning.

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