Grand alliance MLAs are breaking apart in Bihar. After the formation of the new government (NDA), it started with RJD on the day of the floor test. Three MLAs had changed sides. Recently three more MLAs joined the nda camp. Of these, two are from congress and the name of one mla is from RJD. Amidst all this, bjp has once again made a big claim that more MLAs will defect from the Grand Alliance.

On wednesday (February 28), bjp mla and former minister Jibesh Kumar Mishra gave a big statement to the media. He has also given the reason for this. Jeevesh Mishra has said that more MLAs of the Grand Alliance will break away and will join the Bharatiya Janata Party.

What reason did Jeevesh Kumar Mishra give?

Jeevesh Kumar Mishra also gave the reason for why Grand Alliance MLAs would break up. Said that all the MLAs of the Grand Alliance who are impressed by the work of PM Modi are coming to bjp and will come in future also. On the other hand, RJD has said that bjp will break Nitish Kumar's party in the future. nitish kumar is afraid of this. On this, Jeevesh Mishra said that we will never break JDU. We have an alliance with JDU. We are running the government together. We do not take the statements of RJD MLAs seriously.

Let us tell you that RJD mla Bhai Virendra has said that cm Nitish should come back to the Grand Alliance. He is of socialist ideology. Nitish is scared of the way bjp is breaking the MLAs of the Grand Alliance. nitish kumar has not slept for two days. Now bjp is going to break Nitish's party.

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