All the parties in bihar have also started preparations for the lok sabha elections 2024. The political situation of bihar has changed with the return of cm Nitish Kumar to NDA. An attempt is being made to know the mood of the public regarding this changing political situation through opinion polls. Zee news Matriz has conducted an opinion poll regarding Bihar. The Grand Alliance does not seem to be getting much benefit in this opinion poll. However, nda is seeing loss on two seats.

nda will get 53 percent votes in bihar - Zee news Matrix

According to the opinion poll of Zee news Matrix, nda will win 37 seats in Bihar. In this, the victory of 'India' alliance has been shown on three seats. At the same time, not a single seat has been shown to others. In this opinion poll, once again the wave of bjp is visible in Bihar. Apart from this, nda has been shown getting 53 percent votes in Bihar. 'India' alliance is shown getting 31 percent votes. Along with this, 16 percent votes have been shown in the accounts of others.

The whole country's eyes are on Bihar

Let us tell you that this year cm Nitish Kumar changed sides and joined NDA. Earlier, a campaign was started against bjp in the Grand Alliance. It was because of the glory of cm Nitish that opposition parties came together on one platform and 'India' alliance was formed. The first meeting of 'India' alliance was held in the capital Patna under the leadership of cm Nitish, but cm Nitish Kumar became angry with congress over seat distribution and many issues. After this joined NDA. After this incident, the entire country is keeping an eye on Bihar. At the same time, despite all this, nda seems to be getting an edge in the lok sabha elections.

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