Former chief minister of bihar Rabri Devi strongly attacked cm nitish kumar on Thursday. He said big things about the future of JDU. He said that the danger is for Nitish Kumar. We are not in any danger. The people of bihar are with us. There is RJD or BJP...there is no third number (party). The third party JDU is missing from the middle. bjp has now understood that nitish kumar will have to be sidelined.

bjp has looted Bihar- Rabri Devi

Rabri Devi said that the law and order situation in the state is bad. bjp ruled for 17 years, the situation was bad during their tenure and it is the same even today. bank robberies, rapes and thefts happen every day. bjp has looted bihar and nitish kumar has looted Bihar. Have done nothing. nitish kumar says that when he was with us (Grand Alliance) he was under pressure. If we move away from people, they accuse us. This is a wrong thing.

'He would have resigned and joined BJP-JDU'

At the same time, let us tell you that Rabri Devi protested against the state government outside the assembly. Many MLAs were also present along with Rabri Devi. Along with this, he made serious allegations against bjp on the breakdown of RJD MLAs. He said that Rs 10 crore has been given to those rebel MLAs by bharatiya janata party and JDU. The party that took these MLAs is also shameless. He called his four MLAs who left the party shameless. Said that if the MLAs were ashamed, they would have resigned and joined BJP-JDU.

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