The bihar government has given NOC to kk Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the education Department, to go on central deputation and was also dismissed. Let us tell you that kk Pathak had asked for NOC from the government to go on central deputation, which was accepted by the state government. Let us tell you that kk Pathak has been in the headlines a lot. Many changes were being made continuously in the education department. He was continuously improving the education system. There was a lot of debate on the issue of kk Pathak in the assembly also.

cm Nitish and kk Pathak came face to face

cm nitish kumar and kk Pathak had come face to face regarding the timing of schools. kk Pathak had fixed the timing of schools from 9 am to 5 pm. By changing this timing, cm Nitish directed to change the timing of schools from 10 am to 4 pm, but kk Pathak did not listen to the CM.

bihar government did the entire process

According to the information received, cm nitish kumar has completed the process of releasing kk Pathak to go on central deputation. In this regard, Nitish government has also given him NOC on Thursday. At the same time, kk Pathak is being discussed a lot regarding another matter. kk Pathak has frozen the salaries of all the Vice Chancellors and other officials of bihar and frozen the bank accounts of the university. Now raj bhavan is in action in this matter. governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar has called a meeting of all the Vice Chancellors. On march 3, all the officers have been called to patna Raj Bhawan.

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