We will not contest on the symbol of rising sun. we will contest on our symbol- this is the final decision-MDMK

Stating that they have asked for one lok sabha seat and one rajya sabha seat in the parliamentary elections, the Madhyamik party has categorically stated that they will contest in the Udayasuriyan symbol.

The date of parliamentary elections will be announced in the middle of next month. In this situation, the DMK is negotiating with its allies regarding the division of seats. It allotted one seat each to Muslim League and Komdeka. Following this, the DMK held the 3rd phase of negotiations today after the two-phase negotiations with the alliance party ended. In that way, in the DMK alliance, two constituencies have been reserved for the Marxist Communist party and two constituencies for the Communist party of India. At the same time, there has been no progress in the talks held with the Madhyamik.

While two lok sabha and one rajya sabha constituencies have already been asked, in today's 3rd phase of negotiations, one lok sabha and rajya sabha constituencies have been asked. It has also announced that it will not compete in the Rising sun symbol like last time. It has also announced that it will compete in its Bambaram symbol. Due to this, there is no progress in block allocation. The MDMK executive said that in today's negotiations, we have asked for a lok sabha and a Rajya Sabha. Finally, we have definitely said that we will compete in our logo. This negotiation will continue again.

DMK did not give any response to our request, they said after talking to the leadership. So we will not compete in the rising sun symbol. He said that if Udayasuriyan insists on competing in the symbol, he will not accept it. He also said that DMK is not sure about giving rajya sabha seat.

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