As napoleon was also the Union minister at that time, the news about this treatment given to his son appeared in the press and it went viral all over India.

Subsequently, people suffering from muscular dystrophy like his son came from all over india to the country's doctors. But knowing that he does not have the facilities to treat all of them, napoleon has built a huge hospital at a cost of Rs.10 crore for the doctor who saved his son. Myopathy Hospital was opened by stalin who is now the Chief Minister.

Now people come from all over the world to get treatment there. There they charge only for accommodation and food. Otherwise all the treatment is completely free. As the number of people coming for treatment has increased, they have decided to build a building with 100 more rooms. For this, napoleon and his friends who studied with him at St. Joseph's college have provided financial support.

Napoleon, who is now settled in the united states with his son, says that the quality of treatment given to his son there is also the same at his Myopathy Hospital in Tirunelveli. Everyone is admiring napoleon who has built a hospital for his son.

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