Lavish Pre Wedding ceremony in Ambani's house..!?

There are many industrialists but no one conducts celebrations like Ambani Range. Ambani's marriage means even the peak has to bow and salute. Celebrations are celebrated in a range that is not possible for any industrialist in India. It has been proved time and time again that only Ambani was able to do this. There are many industrialists but no one conducts celebrations in the Ambani Range. It belongs only to Ambani. And mukesh Ambani's youngest son Anant Ambani is spending how many crores for his wedding? Bringing 1000 guests for just three days of pre-wedding? Cooking 2500 types of dishes? Before that, the family itself prepared special dishes in the Gujarati tradition and served them to the villagers. If only pre-wedding is planned in this range? It is possible to imagine that the wedding may have been planned in another range. And it is known that Ambani is allocating 1000 crores for this wedding. It means that the wedding cost is only 0.1 percent of mukesh Ambani's wealth. It seems that this is the budget allotted for the three days of the pre-wedding ceremony and wedding. It is said that the cost of shopping for wedding dresses is in crores. Anant Ambani is rumored to be wearing a dress made of gold on his wedding day. The ceremony is in that range. ram Charan-Upasan couple is also attending this wedding ceremony. In the three days of pre-wedding, that couple will also be seen.

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