As per report delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal responded to LG's 7-page open letter with a 7-page open letter on the government's One Time Settlement Scheme regarding increased water bills. arvind kejriwal wrote, "I am very saddened to read the language of your letter. Such derogatory language from a person holding a constitutional post to another person is not acceptable."

Meanwhile cm kejriwal further wrote that, you are saying that the cabinet note related to water bill did not come to your knowledge, whereas I myself have discussed this matter with you more than once and have brought to your notice that the delhi Jal Board Urban The Development Department and the Finance Department are creating a constitutional crisis by not bringing proposals in the Cabinet. What I saw during your last two years in office was never seen before. Medicines and tests were stopped in the mohalla clinic. Payment of rent and electricity bills was also stopped.

cm kejriwal wrote, "Staff was also removed from OPD counters in hospitals from september 2023 to february 2024. Sewers are overflowing at many places in delhi because money has not been released to delhi Jal Board for seven months. DTC pension holders did not receive their pension till december as the Finance Department stopped the funds. bus marshals posted in buses for the safety of women were removed. This is the first time since the government was formed in delhi in 1993. And that too in the last two years since you became the Lieutenant Governor."

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