As per report in delhi, aam aadmi party (AAP) and congress have decided to contest the lok sabha elections 2024 under the alliance. Its objective is to oust bjp from the lok sabha seats of delhi, but a big revelation has come to light in the Zee news Matrize opinion poll. According to the report, there is no indication of the indian alliance (AAP and Congress) getting any benefit. On the contrary, there is a possibility that bjp may repeat the 2019 result.

Hence according to the latest opinion poll of Zee news Matriz, BJP's position is strong in the delhi lok sabha elections. Once again the bharatiya janata party may be successful in repeating its victory. bjp is expected to get 55 percent votes in delhi, which is less than the votes it got five years ago. In the lok sabha elections 2019, bjp got the support of 56.9 percent people. According to the survey report, india Alliance is likely to get the support of 45 percent voters in the lok sabha elections 2024, which is more than the 41 percent votes received by both the parties together in five years. Other parties are expected to get the support of five percent voters in Delhi.

In fact, after the Anna movement, in the lok sabha elections held in 2014, bjp was successful in winning all the seven seats of Delhi. Even in the lok sabha elections 2019, bjp was successful in repeating its performance in Delhi. The voters of the national capital had elected all the bjp candidates in the name of PM narendra modi and sent them to Parliament.

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