This cylinder has now become Rs.1911 in Kolkata. Commercial cylinder price in mumbai increased to Rs.1749. It has increased to Rs.1960.50 in Chennai. As per earlier changes, the price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinder in delhi (Delhi LPG cylinder price) has been increased from Rs.1755.50 to Rs.1769.50. Looking at other metros, the price of a cylinder in kolkata (Kolkata LPG Cylinder Price) has been increased from Rs.1869.00 to Rs.1887.

A commercial cylinder which was priced at Rs.1708 in mumbai is now available at Rs.1723. Whereas in chennai its price has increased from Rs 1924.50 to Rs 1937. On the one hand, commercial gas cylinder prices have been rising for two consecutive months, with some relief at the start of 2024 i.e. january 1. On january 1, 2024, the companies gave some relief on the price of 19 kg cylinder. oil companies have reduced the price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinders. Since then the price of the first commercial gas cylinder from delhi to mumbai has come down from Rs 1.50 to Rs 4.50.

After last month's price cut, the price of a 19 kg cylinder has been reduced to Rs 1755.50 in delhi and Rs 1708 in Mumbai. There is no change in domestic gas cylinder prices. While the prices of commercial gas cylinders have been increased, the prices of domestic gas cylinders have remained stable. The price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder is Rs.903 in delhi, Rs.929 in kolkata, Rs.902.50 in mumbai and Rs.918.50 in Chennai. Domestic gas cylinder price (Domestic LPG price) has remained stable for a long time

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