4+1 demanded by DM.. AIADMK leaders met Premalatha.. alliance reached final stage..!

With the 2024 lok sabha elections soon to be held, alliance talks between DMDK and AIADMK are underway.

Ahead of the lok sabha elections, the AIADMK is said to be negotiating an alliance with the BMC and the DMD. The AIADMK is said to have promised to give a rajya sabha seat along with lok sabha seats to the BJP

Apart from that, the DMK is also said to be seeking a seat in the rajya sabha from the AIADMK. At this stage, AIADMK executives are negotiating with DMK general secretary Premalatha about the lok sabha election alliance.

Former ministers KP Munuswamy, Thangamani, SB Velumani and other prominent AIADMK executives are meeting him at Premalatha's residence in Chali village, Chennai. It is said that Premalatha, LK Sutheesh and Parthasarathy participated in the talks on behalf of Demudika.

While the Pratchii Bharatham party has already joined the AIADMK alliance, negotiations are underway with various parties. It is said that AIADMK has offered to allocate 3 constituencies to DMDK. AIADMK is also showing seriousness in the talks after the division of seats with 4 parties in the DMK alliance has been completed.

Former AIADMK minister SB Velumani who met the media said, "The AIADMK-DMK alliance is solid so he is engaged in negotiations and a committee will be formed in two to three days and the negotiations will continue."

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